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Get started with transport dispatch business and digitalize
your operations with customized SaaS products

Features of ERPNext

ERPNext contains a lot of advantages and integrated units and features analytical charts that enable the user to access the information briefly and quickly, manage the access rights of users in detail within the system, import and export data and transactions, saving time and effort on the data entry phase, supports more than 70 languages around the world and each user can use the same system in the language he prefers parallelly without affecting the rest of the users.

Use Cases



Launch your taxi service with our uber clone apps & dispatch software solution


Bike Rental

Launch Your Own Bike Rental business with our whitelabelled apps and software


Car pooling

Launch your ridesharing & carpool application with our customizable dispatch solution


Shuttle Services

Launch Your Intra City Shuttle Dispatch Service With Our Technology


Trucking service

Launch your truck dispatch & logistics business with our Uber Freight Clone apps and software.


Taxi Marketplace/ Super App

Launch your taxi marketplace with Jugnoo's Super App and get customized solutions



Deliver a better service experience with an intuitive issue tracker and integrated knowledgenbase.n


Asset Management

Maintain and Manage details of assets, their movement, value adjustment and depreciation.



ERPNext comes with a fully featured content management with blogs, web pages and forms.

Why Jugnoo

White-labeled Apps

24/7 technical support and a dedicated account manager to deal with all of your issues

Cost effective

For us its always customer first. We provide our services in most budgest friendly and best manner in the industry.

Customizable & Flexible

Our app solutions will be tailored to your on-demand business needs reducing operational costs & improving efficiency.

Save Valuable Time

Jugnoo's Uber for X solution
acts as an accelerator in getting your service quickly to the


We are a fast growing SaaS based company whos eyes and ears are open to and well equipped with new market trend and innvovations


Customer App (Android & iOS)
A well designed & feature packed app making it seamless for customers to access your on-demand service.

  • • Onboarding

  • • Vehicle / Service Selection

  • • Ride Booking

  • • Allocation / Matching

  • • Reviews & Ratings

  • • Ride / Order Tracking

  • • Promotions & Offers

  • • Notifications & Alerts

  • • Payments

  • • Help & Support

Driver App

A user-friendly application for all the drivers to maintain a robust fulfillment side.

  • • Onboarding

  • • Managing Requests

  • • Trip Management

  • • Turn-by-Turn Navigation

  • • Contact Customer

  • • Payments

  • • Earnings Summary

  • • Ratings & Reviews

  • • Help & Support

Dispatcher Panel

An all-in-one management dashboard wherein you can get a bird's view of your business.

  • • Secure Authentication

  • • User Management

  • • Dynamic Pricing

  • • Manage Customers

  • • Discounts & Promotions

  • • Manage Ratings & Reviews

  • • Geoanalytics

  • • Transaction Reports

  • • Advanced Analytics

Merchant App

( Available with Our Taxi Marketplace Super app )
A user-friendly & feature-packed app for the merchants to manage their on-demand services.

  • • Inventory Management

  • • Time-based menu creation

  • • Product listings

  • • Track active and past orders

  • • Manage Incoming orders

  • • Payments

  • • Help & Support

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